Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)
Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)

Academy Tools - Frame Fixture (ATFF)

Regular price £4,800.00 (inc. VAT)
Academy Tools Frame Fixture

We’re excited to announce the launch of the brand new Academy Tools Frame Fixture, an innovative, award winning and revolutionary bicycle frame jig for builders everywhere.

Unlike traditional jig designs, the Academy Tools User Calibratable Fixture Alignment System [patent pending] gives you the functionality you need to check and control the alignment of your frame fixture, at every interface, every time.

Our design negates the need for expensive and time consuming factory calibration, and subsequently high shipping costs, for which all of the costs are typically passed on to the customer. Most importantly; we’ve removed the risk of building frames on a jig that has unknowingly fallen out of alignment since being calibrated by the jig manufacturer.

In a nutshell; we’ve developed a professional bicycle frame building jig that, uniquely, gives you the frame builder control over alignment and yet it still costs less to buy and ship. There really is nothing else like it.

Key features:

  • User Calibratable Fixture Alignment System [patent pending] 
  • User calibratable linear and angular measurement system
  • Self-assembly kit packed into a purpose made, low volume shipping crate
  • Fully illustrated user manual covering assembly, calibration and use
  • Manufactured from hard anodised aluminium tooling plate, stainless steel and brass
  • Heat, flux and acetone resistant bespoke, tool orientated, measurement system 
  • Huge build range, with repositionable BB datum, independent adjustment, super fast set-up straight from BikeCad or any other bike design solution
  • Great access and compatible with (optional) articulated jig stand
  • Gas purge ready
  • 5 year warranty 

Calibration system

Innovative and award winning user calibratable, laser indicated, fixture alignment system [patent pending] allows the builder to ensure they work with the accuracy needed at every interface..

Each of the following features can be independently adjusted in the following degrees of freedom, with all adjustments made about the true centre of origin of the feature; Rear Axle Z offset, Rear Axle roll, Rear Axle Yaw, Head Tube Z offset, Head Tube roll, Seat Tube (top) Z offset. 

Measurement system

Accurate repeatable set-up in under a minute thanks to fully integrated bespoke measurement system that can be calibrated by the builder. Fully independent HT and RA adjustment with X&Y datum taken from reposition-able BB axis. Set-up straight from BikeCAD. Purpose made tool orientated steel linear scales, angular scales engraved directly onto the fixture and flush CNC’d pointers to eliminate parallax.

Build range

Versatile over a full range of wheel sizes from Balance Bikes to 29+ wheel sizes. Head tube X 200- 550mm. Head tube Y 230 - 550mm. Rear axle X 200 - 500mm. Bottom bracket drop 120mm to Bottom bracket rise 40mm. Head angle 56᷾° - 76᷾°. Seat angle 65᷾° - 80᷾°. Seat tube length 300 - 700mm.


Integrated gas purge ports, unique HT lug brazing access, quick-release HT clamp nut, adjustable tube supports.

Great reliability thanks to hard anodised aluminium tooling plate, stainless fasteners, all metal quick-release handles and flux, acetone & heat resistant measurement system. 

Smooth operation of the spring tensioned main carriages due to low friction gib strips running against the hard anodised aluminium construction. Bronze pivot bearings at HT and ST-BB ensure low friction adjustment in each case. 

Included items

• All parts needed to assemble the frame fixture, excluding 90x90mm extrusion. 
• Academy Tools Frame Fixture Laser Alignment Kit
• 1", 1/18" & 44mm HT adapters
• 68mm & 73mm BB adapters
• 1 x dummy axle of your choice (142mm supplied as unless requested otherwise)
• 3 x tube support arms & fingers
• Fully illustrated step-by-step build, calibration and user manual 

Optional extras

• Additional dummy axles (all sizes)
• Additional HT adapters (all standards)
• Additional BB adapters (all standards up to 120mm width)
• Stay clamp paddle and support arm
• Gas purge kit
• Fully rotating stand with optional foot pedal operated friction and lock mechanism

Additional parts required

Bosch REXROTH Aluminium Extrusion
Bosch article number 3842992422
Strut Profile 90x90L
10mm slot width
1410mm long
M12 tapped ends

The additional items needed to build your Academy Tools Frame Fixture can easily be bought locally, making the cost of shipping significantly cheaper. We’ve designed the Academy Tools Frame Fixture to work with a 1410mm length of BOSCH Rexroth 90x90mm. Should you wish to extend the reach of your fixture you can simply buy a longer main beam.

The fixture is supplied with a mounting boss that is compatible with the following Park Tools “Lock Block System” stands:
PRS 2.2-1, PRS 2.2-2, PRS 3.2-1, PRS 3.2-2, PRS 4.2-1, PRS 4.2-2, PRS 4W-1, PRS 4W-2
Please note the total weight of the fixture is 38 kg. Use appropriate fixing hardware where applicable


5 years Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Plus the Academy Tools lifetime fair use cost price component replacement program.


In stock and ready to ship. We aim to despatch all orders within 2 working days.


See our Shipping and Fulfilment page for details.

The Academy Tools Frame Fixture is shipped in a specially made protective wooden crate of 770x430x400mm. European and worldwide shipping from £100.

* Alignment concept was the winner of the 'Technical Excellence Award' at The UK Handmade Bicycle Show, Bespoked, 2018, and the completed fixture was the winner of the 'Innovation Award' at The UK Handmade Bicycle Show, Bespoked 2019.