What will I learn on a 7 Day Bespoke Framebuilding Course?

The Standard framebuilding course is 7 days long, it is taught on a 2:1 student:teacher ratio.  You will start the course with a day of brazing which will incorporate all of the governing theory followed by an intensive period of putting it into practice during which you will be guided through a series of exercises to help deepen your knowledge of the process.  For the remainder of the course you will undertake structured brazing practice each day so that you a working at a high standard and are confident in your ability by the time you come to braze your frame.

Before you begin fabrication you will go through a fit and design process.  As part of this you will go through a measurement process, this ensures not only that we have the correct starting point for your design but also enables you to learn about cycling biomechanics within the context of designing a bike for a specific rider. You will learn about the dynamic performance of a bicycle and how to effectively design a geometry to match your design brief.  We will also cover the structural considerations with frame design and how to select appropriate tubing.

Before starting fabrication of your frame you will learn how to use the various hand tools at your disposal to effectively mark, measure and cut material to the required level of accuracy to ensure that your frame will serve you for years to come. You will then build the frame over the next 4 days during which time we will be adding ‘layers’ to your understanding of each individual element of the process to help improve the learning outcome for you.

On the final day of the course, after finishing the brazing of the frame and adding any small braze on parts,  you will be learn how to check and adjust the alignment of your frame.  You will also ensure that the frame is ready to be assembled with components by reaming, facing and chasing any relevant interfaces. We can also talk you through the various options that you have (and more importantly any inherent risks that you need to be mindful of) for cosmetically ‘finishing’ the frame before you get it painted.

You will leave with your very own bespoken frame, designed specifically for and built entirely by you!


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