What will I learn on a 10 Day Bespoke Framebuilding Course?

The advanced course is 10 days long spanning two working weeks, it is taught on a 1:1 basis so that you get maximum exposure to our expert teaching team. During the first week you will learn and practice all of the individual skills that you will need to produce a bicycle.  You will cover the theory that governs brazing, looking at the specifics of both capillary and fillet brazing techniques as well as touching on how these differ to welding.  The detailed theory of how to achieve a structurally sound joint will underpin your understanding of the brazing process and allow you to progress quickly as you start of put it into practice through a series of carefully considered exercises to ensure that you can carry out meaningful practice autonomously.

During the first week we will also design the bicycle that you will go on to produce later in the course.  This is done over the course of a day focussing on fit and design.  You will learn how to measure a rider within the context of designing a bicycle for them and have an opportunity to experience how subtle changes can have an impact on the biomechanics of cycling.  You will also learn how to effectively analyse the dynamic performance of a bicycle so that you can design a suitable geometry that will deliver the characteristics that you are looking for from your bicycle.  We will also look at the structural design of the frame and how to select appropriate materials.  By the end of the day you will have picked all of the parts for your frame (and fork if you are building a fork) and produced the working drawings that you will need to fabricate the frame.

You will learn how to use various hand tools that you will be using to fabricate the frame.  We will guide you through a series of exercises to teach you how to measure, mark and cut the individual elements of your frame to the required level of accuracy to produce a high quality frame that will serve you for many years to come.

Towards the end of the first week you will start fabricating your frame which you will go on to finish over the second week of the course.  We will ensure that, each day, you get structured time to practice and perfect the new skills that you are developing so that by the time you come on to brazing your frame you will be working to a high standard autonomously and be confident in your ability.

After the frame is fully brazed and the various small braze on parts have been added we will show you how to check and adjust the alignment of your frame.  You will also ensure that the frame is ready to be assembled with components by reaming, facing and chasing any relevant interfaces.  We can also show you the various options that you have (and more importantly any inherent risks that you need to be mindful of)  for cosmetically ‘finishing’ the frame before you get it painted.

On the final day you will leave with your new frame (and fork if you build one) as well as an extensive set of new skills which we hope to see you go on and perfect over the course of may frames to come!

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