How we teach

Learn how to make a bike - The basics of bicycle frame building

At The Bicycle Academy we specialise in teaching and learning. We have developed a unique and widely celebrated method of decoding and teaching the previously tacit knowledge of bicycle making. We know that it takes a long time to become a master at something, so our courses are designed to teach you the practical skills and theoretical understanding that you need to be able to engage in meaningful practice.

It’s also really important to learn by doing, that’s why you’ll make your whole frame from start to finish. We won’t do it for you. You will walk away with more than just a frame at the end of the week; you will leave with the knowledge and confidence to create the next one.

Develop your frame building techniques, fillet brazing masterclass

Unlike any other frame-building school, you can use our workshop to practice or build more frames whenever you like. We’re making it easier for you to learn, easier to practice and easier for you to build frames of your own. We provide more than just frame building courses, we offer support and training that will allow you to continue learning and evolving as a practitioner. 

Because of our approach and great results people travel from all corners of the globe to learn from us. Not only have many of The Bicycle Academy students gone on to become professional builders following their course at The Bicycle Acadmey, but notably many have gone on to receive recognition and win awards at the highest level.

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