Make A Bike. Make A Difference.

We’re proud to say that our TBA Africa Bikes have safely arrived in Namibia, and are already being given out to teachers, students and healthcare workers.

Make a Bike. Make a Difference.

Many of our TBA Africa Bikes have been donated to Kindergarten Teachers working in Outapi, Namibia. A collaboration between SunCycles Namibia, BEN Namibia, DAPP Namibia, and supported by the FNB Foundation (FNB Namibia) and The Bicycle Academy.

Make a Bike, Make a Difference.

You can see pre-primary teachers learning to take care of their bikes, as well as riding them.

There are currently 30 bikes being assembled for a youth after school programme in Otjiwarongo, and the rest are in Walvis Bay being assembled for use by health outreach workers.

Make a bike, make a difference

Pre-primary school teachers in Outapi being taught how to maintain their TBA Africa Bikes, this one was made by Dereck Cutler, one of our first students…

make a bike, make a difference

One of our TBA Africa Bikes being tested out along the skeleton coast in Namibia…

make a bike make a difference