Fillet Brazing Masterclass

Fillet Brazing Masterclass


Learn how to fillet braze like a pro using our celebrated fillet brazing technique which doesn’t need filing to look great!

Already a pro? We can help you too – we have helped to develop the fillet brazing of acclaimed frame builders, and taught many many others from scratch. Whatever your level of skill we can help you develop even further.

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Duration and Format

We teach this course 1:1 over 1 day.


We tailor the course to your level of experience and specific needs, but we’ll always cover the following areas;

  • Oxy-Fuel Gas Safety
  • Fillet Brazing Basics – tacking, laying a fillet, start-stop blend
  • Advanced Fillet Brazing – thick-thin, complex shapes, merged braze
  • Oxy-Propane & Oxy-Acetylene specific set-up and techniques

Workshop Hire

One of the many benefits of taking a course with us is that once you have graduated you can hire the use of one of our frame-building benches to work on your own frame building projects. We keep costs down and only charge for the time you spend in the workshop and any materials you use.



Book your Fillet Brazing Masterclass

Fillet Brazing masterclass