10 Day Bespoke Framebuilding Course

Advanced Framebuilding Course

Who is this course for?

Students looking to gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of bicycle frame production.

Students who are looking to produce more frames, by themselves, after graduating from the course.

Students who want to produce a frame and fork or tackle more time consuming frame features such as, for example, belt drive compatibility.

What are the prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites. It will suit complete novices or experienced builders as we can tailor the content to suit your specific skills and experience.

Duration and Format

We teach this course either 1:1 or 2:1, full time in 10 days over 2 consecutive weeks Monday – Friday, then Monday - Friday.


This is the most comprehensive course offered at The Bicycle Academy, with the first 4 days comprised of a series of skills masterclasses followed by 6 days spent building your very own frame and forks. You’ll learn every step of the way, actually build a bike for yourself and crucially; you’ll come away with the skills to make more. We won’t skim over details, or do things for you, we’ll teach you properly so that you do a great job to be proud of.

  • Bench fitting skills – 1 day
  • Fillet & Capillary Brazing Masterclass – 2 days
  • Fitting and Design Masterclass – 1 day
  • Custom Fork Building – 1 day
  • Custom Frame Building – 5 days

Workshop Hire

One of the many benefits of taking a course with us is that once you have graduated you can hire the use of one of our frame-building benches to work on your own frame building projects. We keep costs down and only charge for the time you spend in the workshop and any materials you use.


£2400 + materials for the frame set (these range from £180-£400)


Advanced Framebuilding course