Additional information

At the Workshop

Food & drink

We do make lunch every day for the group, and ask that each person contribute a donation of £1-2 per day to cover the cost of ingredients. If you have any diatary requirements please do let us know. We also provide drinks and snacks will be throughout the day. You are welcome to use our kitchenette to make your own lunch, or simply the fridge to keep your sandwiches cool. Whatever works best for you. [Please note that lunch times will vary throughout the course depending upon the course schedule]


We recommended that you wear casual clothing that you don’t mind getting a little grubby, as the course will involve practical work. Also, it can be a little cold in the workshop, so we suggest that you wear a few layers so that you can stay warm. Overcoats, aprons and gloves will be provided should you wish, along with optional face masks. Eye protection is mandatory and will also be provided.

Medical Considerations


If you are long sighted we recommend that you bring your reading glasses or contact lenses to wear during the brazing. It’s really important to be able to see the subtle detail of what is going on and your brazing and or welding will be a lot better for it.

Practical Support

Please let us know us if you have any special requirements. Any information you provide us with will be treated in full confidence.

Health and Safety

We follow best practice and meet (and in many cases exceed) all relevant Health and Safety regulations and guidelines here at The Bicycle Academy. That said, you will be working with heavy, sharp, hot and flammable things, and some chemicals too – so it is very important that you follow all advice and instructions given, use all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided and take responsibility for your actions.

If you feel unwell or hurt yourself please speak to us immediately.

Please notify us if you are currently suffering or have ever suffered from any of the following medical problems:

  • Back, neck, arm, hand or knee problems
  • Rupture or hernia
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure, bronchitis, asthma or chest problems
  • Blackouts, seizures or epilepsy

Please also notify us if you are pregnant or if you have any other medical condition that you feel may prevent your from completing the course, before the course begins. Any information you provide us with will be treated in confidence.

Please note that we reserve the right to prevent you from completing your course if you do attend with any of these problems or if you are pregnant or if we feel that you will put yourself or others in danger.