Park Tool HTR-1B - Head Tube Reaming and Facing Set

Park Tool HTR-1B - Head Tube Reaming and Facing Set

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The HTR-1B combines reaming and / or facing of the head tube to create a perfect fit for most sizes of headset cups.

The HTR-1B comes complete with a 33.8 mm reamer, and four different size pilots (29.8 mm, 30.0 mm, 33.8 mm, and 36.8 mm).

The reamer is used to clean out or increase the diameter of the head tube
Most often facing of the head tube for good cup fit is the objective and no reaming is required, in which case the pilots can be used in place of the reamers.

The unique quick-release, quick-adjust feature allows you to slide the bottom portion on and off easily without the long threading process. This threading function of the tool can still be fine tuned whilst in use. 

The tapered centring cone unit rides on a bearing for extra smooth operation. All cutting surfaces are top quality and extra sharp
Made in the USA and covered by Park's legendary limited lifetime warranty.


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