The Bicycle Academy - Free 1:1 Support Session
The Bicycle Academy - Free 1:1 Support Session
The Bicycle Academy - Free 1:1 Support Session
The Bicycle Academy - Free 1:1 Support Session
The Bicycle Academy - Free 1:1 Support Session

The Bicycle Academy - Free 1:1 Support Session

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In the current climate it’s easy to feel a bit isolated or detached from the frame building community. Here at The Bicycle Academy we are really lucky to be connected with a huge collection of frame builders and frame building enthusiasts all over the world. We do our best to contribute to the community by offering educational courses, specialist tools and support for builders with mentoring where we can.

In these challenging times we want to do something that will contribute to the ongoing health of the frame building community. For this reason we have decided to offer a program of Free 1:1 Support Sessions for any practicing frame builders (hobbyists and professionals) that want to discuss the details of the craft, and for anyone new to the craft who is excited to get started.

Accessing useful and accurate information in order to improve your practice can be really tough at the best of times but it’s even more challenging when all of the usual opportunities to meet with the rest of the community are restricted.
  • Maybe you have a technical enquiry about brazing?
  • Perhaps you want to get a second opinion on a bicycle design?
  • Perhaps you want to discuss ways in which to grow your business?

All enquiries related to frame building are welcome, and we will help in whatever way we can. If there’s anything that we can’t answer during the session we will get back to you via email before the end of the following day.

Free sessions can be booked online with time slots to be agreed via email. Each session will be 20 minutes and will be offered as either video or voice online call. Longer sessions can be booked by arrangement.

Please use the voucher code 0800-TBA at checkout


To make a booking please select a date from the drop down menu and add it to the basket. At the checkout use the voucher code provided and enter your details. Sessions are being allocated on a first come first served basis, if the date you would like is unavailable please select the next available date.

In order to help us prepare for the session, we have added a notes field to the checkout. Please let us know a little about your background and the topics you'd like to discuss.

We will contact you the day before your 1:1 session with confirmation of your time slot. You will need to be available between 9am-5pm GMT - please make your booking with this in mind. You will be invited to a Zoom conference call using the email address provided at time of checkout. If you are unavailable at the time allocated then please let us know asap.