Academy Tools - Abrasive Tube Notching System (deposit)

Academy Tools - Abrasive Tube Notching System (deposit)

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[Photo shows PROTOTYPE #2/3 on the Academy Tools stand at the The UK Handmade Bicycle Show, Bespoked 2019.]

Academy Tools Abrasive Tube Notching System

Following significant design and development, we’re excited to announce the launch of the brand new Academy Tools Abrasive Tube Notching System, an innovative, and revolutionary bicycle frame building tool for builders everywhere. 

Our design negates the need for time consuming hand mitering, or expensive and space consuming milling machines and fixtures, and can even generate perfect miters to tapered head tubes.

We’ve significantly reduced the time taken to mitre a full set of bicycle tubes, to under 30 minutes, and can provide increased accuracy over other methods.

In a nutshell; we’ve developed a professional bicycle frame building mitering system that, uniquely, saves you enough time that you can build significantly more bicycle frames or spend more time doing other things. On top of that our solution significantly increases the usable space in your workshop by taking up much less space than any other machine solution. There really is nothing else like it. 

Key features:

  • Super fast set-up straight from BikeCad or any other bike design solution.
  • Tool less operation.
  • Hard stop tube advance allows for miters to be created quickly and with complete confidence.
  • Common tube advance, lateral offset and miter angle system, with user calibratable linear and angular measurement scales.
  • Main Tube Fixture compatible with straight, shaped, tapered and bent tubes, from 10mm-44mm OD.
  • Seat Stay Fixture compatible with all axle standards, bent, straight, shaped and tapered stays.
  • Chain Stay Fixture compatible with all BB and axle standards, bent, straight, shaped and tapered stays.
  • Proprietary 'Quick Change Fixture Mounting Interface' allows for each fixture to be swapped out in under 30 seconds, with no need for adjustment or calibration.
  • Force limiting tube clamps, with quick release for fast loading and unloading.
  • Safety features included full guards, spark deflector, extraction ports, E stop, safety interlocks, fixture locking mechanism, and belt tension torque limiter.
  • Standard belt length with up to 150mm width to allow users to easily source consumables.
  • Cutting rollers available from 14mm - 70mm.
  • Can miter to tapered head tubes with accurate taper position.
  • Open source roller and bearing specs to allow for users to easily make their own rollers as required.
  • Over centre belt tension release arm allows for fast and safe belt change.
  • Adjustable belt tension complete with force limiting over tension safety feature.
  • Belt trimming system allows for belt tracking to be controlled and maintained at all times.
  • 3 phase motor, with inverter to allow single phase supply (UK).
  • User controlled belt speed to allow material specific optimisation (UK).
  • Full technical pack including motor mounting, specifications and full electrical equipment requirements (speed controller, inverter, e stop, safety interlocks), to allow for international users to easily purchase and set up country specific and approved electrical items. 
  • Standard extraction ports, compatible with off the shelf spark arrestor and extraction systems. 
  • (Optional top platen for deburring, and side mounted collet for internal tube linishing wheels)
  • Self-assembly kit packed into a purpose made, low volume shipping crate.
  • Small enough to be mounted to a standard 600mm bench top, or pedestal
  • Fully illustrated user manual covering assembly, calibration, maintenance and use.
  • Manufactured from hard anodised aluminium tooling plate, laser profiled steel & stainless steel, and brass.
  • 5 year warranty (mechanical components).

[Photo shows PROTOTYPE #2/3 on the Academy Tools stand at the The UK Handmade Bicycle Show, Bespoked 2019.]


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