Abbey Bike Tools - Hanger Alignment Gauge (HAG)

Abbey Bike Tools - Hanger Alignment Gauge (HAG)

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Abbey Bike Tools are our favourite precision tool manufacturer. Designed and manufactured by a team of passionate engineers. 
Here's what they have to say:

"The HAG is the last hanger tool you'll ever have to buy. 


Why you need one

The derailleur hanger is the foundation for the modern  drive train to work properly. With modern bikes getting as many as 12 cogs in the space that we use to put 8 it's never been more important to make sure the hanger is perfectly straight. Sadly many of the current tools just aren't capable of achieving this kind of precision.

What makes the HAG the best

We went through extra steps to make this tool half precision measuring instrument and half pry bar.

  • Tolerances as tight as a quarter of a thousandth of an inch (.0063mm) in some critical dimensions of this tool.
  • Ability to lock in the feeler so you don't have to second guess your measurement after bumping it on the tire. T
  • Top half of tool will rotate out of the way of fender stays and frame tubes.
  • Feeler gauge stick stores inside the top half of the tool, very handy for the traveling mechanic.
  • T bolt extends past the tool for access to those problematic hangers found on some modern full suspension bikes.
  • Compact at just under 11" ( 28cm).
  • Re-buildable. While ideally your HAG should be sent back for a rebuild, it is possible to do them in the field by replacing the brass bushing in the T-Bolt.
  • Compatible with the three most common wheel sizes, 26, 27.5/650B and 700/29)"



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