We want to make The Bicycle Academy work for you, so we’re trying to get a handle on which course formats are most attractive, and also how often graduates would like to use the workshop facilities. We know that things will likely evolve over time, but it’s important for us to try and get a [...]

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What a show!

We would like to say a massive heartfelt thank you to Phil Taylor and all his team for putting on a fantastic event, we met so many enthusiastic people and are very proud to have been a small part of it, so here’s to next year’s Handmade Bicycle Show!

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Giving away your first bike

It’s fair to say that the first bike you build will be the worst bike you build (although functionally fine), so why not give it away to someone who really needs one. For many people the cost of frame building classes coupled with the lack of opportunities to continue frame building means that they do [...]

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