#VendrediVideo – Motomethod and Kilroy

This video was sent to me during the week by a friend of mine (and TBA backer) John Malcomson ‘Malco’ of Bolehills coolness.

It’s so exciting to hear about other similar projects that exist out there, projects that create community and allow people to do stuff that they otherwise wouldn’t get to do. I love their attitude too; ”..everything’s here, everything that I have you have” – these guys have got it right.

Motomethod Community Motorcycle Repair Shop in Vancouver, BC is a full repair shop, for nearly all makes and models of motorcycles, old or new. Motomethod is the first in the industry to allow the rider to come in and ‘rent a bay’ and repair their own bike, or learn how.
Directed by the Zenga Bros.

And this video’s been submitted from last week’s guest #VendrediVideo blogger – Simon Edwards…

After slamming and breaking our prototypes in public and in front of cameras, we finally started production of the Kilroy frame. The tests that Wonka ran lead to the conclusion that we had to manufacture a tube set just for this frame, with particular reinforced parts to absorb and handle the stress of the jumps. Together with Columbus we decided to change the alloy in order to avoid very thick and heavy tubes and gain in strength nevertheless. We are proud to present the first freestyle frame in Niobium steel. The Columbus Niobium steel is a special micro alloyed steel with Manganese, Chrome, Nickel, Molybdenum and Niobium that is designed to provide superior mechanical properties

We went to Italy for the launch of the production and invited Wonka to join us and get involved into the process of creation. Thanks to Renaud Skyronka for filming this monumental happening.