#VendrediVideo – Mather, Meat and Violins

This weeks selection is pretty eclectic; we’ve got the best BBQers in Texas, a great violin maker and master bicycle frame builder. Although all very different they do share one thing, mastery of their craft.

First this week is Smitty’s Market

Nina Schmidt Sells established Smitty’s Market in 1999 in the building that housed her father’s Kreuz Market for more than 50 years.

Next  we’ve got a video about making violins. The first in a promising series called Made in Brooklyn.

Made in Brooklyn
Episode 1:
The Violin Maker
Sam Zygmuntowicz

Directed and Filmed by Dustin Cohen
Edited by Michael Hurley

Finally something a bit special from our friends at headsetpress.co.uk … Robin Mather having fun with his files….

At headsetpress.co.uk we are working on film features showing handmade cycling related products. This is a recent test shoot with Robin Mather, an outstanding frame builder based in Bristol.