#VendrediVideo – Enigma, Liberty Vintage, Orto and Frome

First up, a film showcasing the work of Enigma Titanium, with Mark Reilly, produced by Phill and Tessa as part of their Bespoked Bristol series called Meet the Maker.

The opening monologue in this next video is pretty powerful and true on many places.

“Our children don’t know the difference between a falt head screwdriver and a philips, and if they did kno the difference they wouldn’t know what to do with it”

This video really made me smile, it’s great to see old bikes get recycled but even better when they become even more beautiful than they were when new. Thanks to Jonny Lennon for the link : )

A spring bike-rework project, 20 artists, 20 bikes in 10 days.

Finally this short film about the town we live in which was made as part of a community bid to the Mary Portas fund, an initiative to rejuvenate flagging high streets. We’re lucky to live in a lovely place that has lots going on but like many other towns there’s a fair few boarded up shops and tired retail areas that need work. This little video does a great job of showing Frome in full glory, but highlights the work that needs doing too.