Journal — Crowd Funding

Top Crowd Funding Tips

We’ve been giving the website a little spring clean, and have updated not only the Press page but our Crowd Funding page too, including the “How to Crowd Fund your Startup” article that I wrote for (Click on the image to have  look at our Crowd Funding page)

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A natural combination

It’s great to see so many new ideas coming to life thanks to crowd funding. What’s really interesting is just how many cycling specific projects are succeeding, and whether or not there’s something special about cyclists that mean that they’re more likely to create or support crowdfunding projects. A few weeks ago the Guardian Bike [...]

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#VendrediVideo – Woodoo Cycles, Holland Cycles & The Jiggernaut

The first video this week is something that’s far removed from what we’ll be teaching at The Bicycle Academy or what almost any other frame builder does, but it’s amazing… Learn how ExoGrid bicycles from Holland Cycles transform what you know about custom bike frames. Hand Crafted precision meets cutting edge technology producing the perfection you deserve. [...]

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