Journal — Bikes

Daydream believer

Last year I came up with the idea of a silly frankenbike design for the Cobble Wobble. The thought of a bike with a tiny front wheel and drop handle bars being ridden up the hill made me laugh, I figured that it would look ridiculous, so I thought I’d look into making it… …well, one [...]

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The Ultimate Utility Bike for Modern Living

I read about The Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge on the headsetpress blog yesterday evening and have spent most of my time since pouring over the bikes and all the info about the design choices of the builders etc The challenge, which concluded at the end of September, was to design and build the modern ultimate utility [...]

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Prototype spyshot

Some of you will have heard of the Cobble Wobble, it’s a cycling time trial up a steep cobbled hill in Frome that I run each year. Well last year I thought that it’d be pretty funny to build a special bicycle for the event and well, to cut a long story short, that’s what [...]

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