Journal — Bespoked Bristol


Over 4000 people came to Bespoked Bristol this year, and we reckon that we spoke to at least half of them. Our stand was all about doodling, with a giant piece of school paper covered in doodles by Callum Rush (aged 14) of his ideas for a childs Africa Bike. Brian then made the bike, [...]

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#VendrediVideo – Doodle special

This year our Bespoked Bristol stand is all about doodling. Doodling is a wonderful thing, its something that almost everyone does from time to time, and that most did a lot more when at school. But doodling gets a bit of a raw deal, it’s typically thought of as a waste of time, meaningless and [...]

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Bespoked Bristol 2012

We’re just as excited as you are! We’ll be giving out some special TBA doodle gifts to anyone who comes over to say hello, but we’ve only got a limited number so don’t hang about. See you there : )

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