Dave at The Bicycle Academy

A few weeks ago Dave Atkinson, one half of  Farrelly Atkinson Ltd, although better known for his role as “the web guy” at , came to The Bicycle Academy to take a Frame Building course with us. Dave was one of the awesome people who pledged for a course as part of our crowdfunding campaign so was pretty excited to get started and he had a great time:

“It’s been a fantastic four days. Intense and tiring and fun and brilliant. I’d recommend it to anyone, whether they think they need to know how to build a bike or not. It’s rare in adult life to learn a genuinely new skill. Best four days I’ve had in ages, go and learn how to make bikes in Frome. That’s an order, not a suggestion.”

He even kept a blog about the whole thing which you can read here:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4: