Radio Silence…

Sorry for the radio silence recently, I needed to take a breather after such an intense period leading up to and during the crowd-funding effort. Truth is it took a lot out of me and spat me out the other side, I was working from 9:00am until 03:30am almost every day for 3 months on the crowd-funding campaign whilst holding down my day job and trying to juggle everything else in my life too.  We’ve also had Christmas in the middle of all that and no matter how hard you try it’s almost impossible to make much happen at that time of year. But things are going well and I’ve made some more really exciting steps towards getting up and running this spring.

I’ll be updating everyone in full shortly, including a target timeline, an update about the rewards (I’ve only just had everyone’s details in!) and some great news about some new supporters that I’m itching to tell you about!