Olivia's Cyclocross Bike

Olivia Campbell of Scarpa Racing visited The Bicycle Academy late in 2018 with a plan to build herself a race ready steel cyclocross bike that could also be used for summer bikepacking adventures. The bike has been painted with a design inspired by Olivia's cycling experiences and is named after the small Cornish fishing village Coverack where she visited her grandparents as a child. 

"I learnt a huge amount [...] this was the first time I'd built and designed a bike. It was great to have a brief and then work through the process. Ideas moved in all directions but ultimately came back to answer the key things I was looking for. Learning from experts in the trade and collaborating with friends was also a really enjoyable part of the whole journey."

Female bicycle frame builder student, fillet brazing, bicycle frame building course, DIY cyclocross bike

The Camden Watch Company, a sponsor of the Scarpa Racing team, have written an article that tells the full story of Olivia's frame building experience. Follow the link below to read the full story. 

Behind the Design: Scarpa Racing on How to Build a Bike.

A student shows her finished fillet brazed bicycle frame, built at the bicycle academy, female frame builder