Making time…

The Bicycle Academy is something that I started back in November as a nice idea that I wanted to run with to see what it could become. Since then it has evolved from something that I talked to friends about into a poorly maintained blog and then more recently into something real and plausible.

At the moment I, like many enthusiasts and wannabes, squeeze in as much “project time” as I can around my full time job, family life and other existing projects and commitments. It’s a sensible way to start any new venture, but there comes a point at which a project needs more than late nights and enthusiasm can offer, there comes a time when the only thing that will make a difference is more time.

So by the end of this month I will only be working Monday to Thursday at my day job leaving Fridays free so that I can concentrate a whole weekday to The Bicycle Academy. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is; not only will this enable me to progress the project more quickly it represents a significant first step towards making The Bicycle Academy what I do, my job, my day to day.

Making this decision has been surprisingly easy; it doesn’t feel like the leap of faith I was expecting it to, but the obvious next step. Having a period of scheduled and uninterrupted time each week to work on this is going to be so valuable, I genuinely can’t wait!