Low Cost Frame Fixture - Next batch

We're happy to announce that the next batch of LCFFs is currently in production. We're aiming to assemble and ship this batch before the end of the month. 

Alec Steele bicycle jig, frame building, bike making

The Academy Tools LCFF achieves both affordability and accuracy, and a whole lot more, thanks to clever design.

We’ve removed the risk of ever building frames on a jig that is unknowingly out of alignment, and opened up some really exciting possibilities such as reduced manufacturing and production cost, flat-pack design, reduced shipping footprint & cost, user assembly & calibration and a huge and expandable build range. As a result the LCFF is the only fully functional low cost frame building fixture in existence.

LCFF, Bike academy jig
Make a bike, frame building, alec steele

Thanks to its clever design The Bicycle Academy Low Cost Frame Fixture can be shipped worldwide. Click here to find out more and place you pre-order deposit for one of the next batch.

Photographs: Ben Ripley Photography