Grinduro Scotland 2018

Grinduro, with it’s varied timed sections ranging from gravel road climbs to technical descents was back in Scotland for it's second visit last month.  There really is no perfect bike (or rider) for the event, and this is what gives it it’s charm.

The event always has a certain “run what you brung” feel which everyone loves with bikes this year ranging from fixies to tall fat-bikes! As such it attracts a broad spectrum of riders of all styles to the Isle of Arran, who maybe wouldn’t normally get a chance to ride together. That is the magic of Grinduro.

We were approached by Giro when the American sensation first planned a visit to UK shores.  With full support from Columbus and SRAM we had the honour of setting four carefully selected builders the challenge of building and racing their perfect Grinduro bike. The freedom that came with the generous sponsorship meant everyone could really let loose and design something focused on the event itself.

“Design – Build – Race”


The exclusive full write up of all the bikes built for the event is available on CycleExif