Dear Susan inbound for NAHBS

The North American Handmade Bike Show begins this weekend. Petor of Dear Susan, and former student of The Bicycle Academy, will be exhibiting something unique. 

We are always really excited to see Petor's latest creations. He is one of the most exciting frame builders currently working in the industry. Petor muddles technical brilliance with a compulsion for creative exploration and a Doctor Frankenstein approach to frame assembly standards. Each Dear Susan bicycle is the product of a truly unique approach to frame building. 

We first met Petor in 2014 when he came to The Bicycle Academy to make his Talldax bike. What's a Talldax bike? It's a tall bike designed for doing Audax rides, obviously... Petor elaborates:

'The first few audaxes in January are always super fun, but imagine if you will, that bit at the start of a 200km audax where you ride trough a big puddle or a little stream and your feet get wet for the following 170km. Now imagine how great it would be if your feet were three feet away from that puddle, and you could see over all the hedgerows, and see the whole pack of fellow Audaxers stretching across the road ahead.'

The Talldax bike prior to painting

Petor has made quite a few peculiar bikes since then and will be exhibiting his latest, and hopefully most peculiarist, creation at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The Pubesmobile and Petor arrived in America ahead of the show and met with Anna Schwinn to explain his journey to NAHBS

Head over to to read the brilliant two part NAHBS interview with Dear Susan.  

A glimpse of The Pubesmobile before assembly