Dear Susan and Mike Rotch

We’re proud to get behind and support many frame builders in various different ways. From loaning equipment, making workshop space available or just generally trying to help them connect the dots.

Peter Georgallou of Dear Susan Bicycles is someone who we support in what ever way we can. In so many ways he’s the antithesis of a typical frame builder, but that’s why he’s so important. He makes things that are free from the constraint of a customer spec, that exist because they have a story behind them, pieces that have meaning and so inherent value rather than value because of demand or price tag. From Grayson Perry’s Princess Freedom to the #PubesMobile - Peter’s creations are unique, playful and divisive. We absolutely love his work, and we’re not the only ones either Paragon Machine Works and Paul Components are also huge and long term supporters of Peter.

Enter Mike Rotch (say it quickly out loud), a bike that won the Pannier CC Touring Bike award at the 2019 Bespoked Handbuilt Bicycle Show earlier this year.

Here’s what Adeline from Mercredi Bikes (the judge of the category) had to say about the bike:

As much a touring bike as it is a bike about a tour, Petor (Dear Susan) built this bike inspired by his trip in California around NAHBS, where he presented the infamous PubesMobile. ‘Mike Rotch’ might appear paired back, by Dear Susan’s standards, but look up close and you’ll still find heaps of his character in there. A SRAM AXS drivetrain, for example, plus mixed charity shop bottles and a Paragon 1” threaded to 1/18 tapered steerer”

Peter is someone special, and we can’t wait to see what he makes next. What ever it is it won’t be vanilla.