Countdown to Crowd Funding

I’m really excited to announce that The Bicycle Academy will be making its crowd funding attempt on October the 24th for 6 weeks !

Those 6 weeks will be really important for us, it’s our chance to turn this wonderful idea into the real thing; our chance to raise enough money to start up; kit out the workshop; finish the design of the Africa bike and ultimately to start teaching people how to build bicycles.

It’s really important to get our message across to as many people as we can by explaining what we are hoping to do, why we think it’s a good idea and also why crowd funding the start up costs is the best way forward. So if you want to come on a course, are keen to see The Bicycle Academy succeed, or just want to help us help others who are in need of bicycles – please spread the word and be prepared to make a pledge once our crowd funding campaign launches on the 24th.

We’ve come a long way in the 10 months since I wrote a wishful post on my blog; we’ve got a workshop; a brilliant frame builder and gained a lot of interest and support too –  so lets all pull together and see if we can make The Bicycle Academy really happen…