Always in ßeta

Over the past week we’ve been testing our new online booking system. Making sure that it works well for our students, and is easy to use.

So far the first batch of students have successfully booked places on their 1:1 courses, with a few still checking with their boss and / or better half if the dates suit existing plans. Over the next two weeks we’ll release the next batch of crowd funding dates, for the 2:1 frame building courses.

We’ve made a few tweaks to the system and now we’re happy that its workable and easy to use. But, we’ll always be in beta, always looking to make things better and always happy to receive feedback.

Brian has been brazing for over 50 years, he’s the best there is, but he’s still learning how, still keen to improve and make the next join better than his last.

So please let us know if you’ve got a suggestion, we’d love to know what you think.