Academy Tools Frame Fixture

It takes a lot of consideration, development, testing and and design work to create truly great products. It can also take a long time. In this case the process has taken longer than we had anticipated, much longer. But we weren't willing to compromise on the end product, so we got our heads down and put everything into making sure that we achieved the quality and functionality worthy of the Academy name. Just like everyone else who truly cares about what they produce. As far as we're concerned there's no point in doing anything unless it will be meaningfully better than what ever else exists. It's not about making a version on a theme, or just putting our name on something. We're working to move things forward.

Academy Tools Frame Fixture

To say we're proud of this frame fixture is an understatement. We pour ourselves into everything that we produce and the result is a range of products that we believe in wholeheartedly.

We've produced a batch of 20 fixtures, for which the final parts are being manufactured, anodised engraved and laser marked right now. The jigs will start shipping before Christmas and will become a stock item by early next year. 

Unlike traditional jig designs, the Academy Tools User Calibratable Fixture Alignment System [patent pending] (it's a mouthful!) gives you the functionality you need to check and control the alignment of your frame fixture, at every interface.

We’ve removed the risk of building frames on a jig that has unknowingly fallen out of alignment since being calibrated by the manufacturer (a problem we know exists for many builders). Without this system it's simply not feasible for anyone to produce modular systems that stay within spec across the range of adjustment (another problem that we know exists for all builders using self assembly modular systems).

Why is this? Well the distances between critical jig interfaces (on any jig) have to be big enough to cover the range of bicycle designs but even when building tiny frames the smallest misalignment of any interface becomes significantly amplified. Self assembly kits are only any good if you can check, adjust and guarantee that everything lines up when in the exact position that you are building but with beams (of any kind) being inherently bent, bowed and twisted by a small amount (check the standards for RHS, Aluminium Extrusion etc) this means that the relative alignment of the fixture will change significantly depending on where everything is set. If you do the maths you'll see just how big the misalignment will be, and its a problem. Setting the alignment of a modular jig once just isn't enough.

We’ve developed a professional bicycle frame building jig that, uniquely, gives you complete control over alignment. You can measure it, adjust it, and then double check it. There's nothing out there like it (other than our LCFF, which uses a simplified version our proprietary alignment system).

Each of the following features can be independently adjusted in the following degrees of freedom, with all adjustments made about the true centre of origin of the feature; Rear Axle Z offset, Rear Axle roll, Rear Axle Yaw, Head Tube Z offset, Head Tube roll, Seat Tube (top) Z offset. 

There are a few fixtures left from this batch, so if you're interested please get in touch or put your deposit down online before they're all gone.