100,000 hours distilled into 8

There’s fillet brazing and there’s fillet brazing.

You only have to look at the wide range of results produced ‘straight out of the torch’ by tutors, builders and enthusiasts to see that some rely more heavily on the file than others to achieve a final result.

Fillet brazing is a technique that many schools shy away from because it’s notoriously difficult to master and most find it difficult to teach. Some insist that students pass an entry evaluation, or hold your hand the whole time, or insist on students taking significantly lengthened courses, or suggest that it simply isn’t possible to teach to a suitable standard; it’s just a matter of lots of practice and building up experience.

Well, there’s teaching and there’s teaching.

We get asked by lots of people how we teach our students to fillet braze to such a high standard in such a short period of time. Well we’ve got a great combination of ingredients; over 50 years of fillet brazing expertise, great equipment and materials, and we’ve got a real passion and a proven skill for teaching.

We’re proud to say that we’ve taught just under 100 novices how to fillet braze, developed the skills of award winning pro’s like Tom Donhou and are working with two famous British bicycle manufacturers to provide them with fillet brazing tuition.

So when people say “it can’t be done” that’s just because they don’t know how. We do it every day of the week.

If you’d like to learn how to fillet braze, you can book onto our Fillet Brazing Masterclass and if you’d like to learn to build frames too you can book onto our Frame Building Course (which of course includes fillet brazing tuition).

Straight Out Of The Torch #StraightOutOfTheTorch

Photo: TBA student Gareth Howell fillet brazing his first ever frame (he was a complete novice only 3 days previously).